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It’s time to Remove the Mask

Girl, I feel your pain and I definitely understand the struggles of overdressing yourself with various degrees, certifications and the need to be affirmed by others. You look in the mirror and wonder “why not me” God. You have such a fire and desire to pursue your God-given purpose, but every time you attempt something you feel stuck and unable to move!~ Isn’t it time for you to STEP into that woman He has called you to become? The woman who is authentically confident, the woman who knows her worth, purpose, pursues it without looking to others for validation. So, what’s really holding you back?

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Here’s what’s holding you back:

and what held me back too


Here's how to break free:

Removing the Mask serves as a powerful catalyst tool to help you discover issues, or uncover some things from your past that have kept you captive and in bondage. Experience freedom, love, and learn from past lessons of other professional women. As a result, you will be able to move forward with authentic confidence by tapping into your unique purpose and passion. This book also provides resiliency principles aligned with God’s word that will give you wisdom and practical steps to get back on track.


The first chapter captured my attention. I wanted to read more!

Keara E.



Marcia Brown, Woman of Crazy Faith, mom, author, speaker, transformational/clarity coach, founder, and CEO of ReImagine Her. As an educator and leader within education, Marcia has challenged, taught, and led thousands of professionals and students to achieve high academic success goals in literacy.


Although Marcia's entrepreneurial roots stem from a long line of family entrepreneurs, still with all these impressive accomplishments, Marcia suffered in silence, dealing with self-doubt, and as a result, sat on the sidelines. 

Today, Marcia is a courageous leader and an ambassador for Christ who uses her gifts to teach, encourage and equip women toward their purpose. 

Marcia has that UNDENIABLE energy that captures the hearts and minds of her audience and moves them to ACTION!

What makes Marcia an incredible woman is her passion, love, infectious personality, and commitment to her purpose of teaching women to UnMask from suffering in silence, self-doubt, and sitting on the sidelines.

It's time to ReImagine Her!

It’s an easy read. It makes me want to read more.

Desiree S.

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Don't just look good on the outside, feel good on the inside too!

“Sometimes days are just hard. But there is hope in tomorrow.”

~ Author Unknown

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